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Sowing the seeds of a Data4Good community

Last November we ran the UK’s first Data4Good Conference for the not-for-profit sector by the not-for-profit sector. It was a huge success. The event sold out and more than 230 people created a real energy and buzz on the day. We were delighted to bring together the diversity of people and organisations we’d hoped for [...]

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Quality of life in Herefordshire

The results of the 2018 Herefordshire's Quality of Life Survey have been generating great debate and food for thought in the county and the local press...

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Better Data, Better Lives?

How do you know where to target precious resources in a rural county? Is there a need for your services? Well there are some clues in the first 'headline' results from the 2018 Herefordshire's Quality of life survey. Managed and driven by local not-for-profit organisations, this is part of a collaborative 'Better Data, Better Lives' [...]

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Quality life in Herefordshire?

Access to services and advice, culture and leisure, unpaid care, loneliness and social contact, volunteering, and satisfaction with quality of life, have all been identified as current data ‘gaps’ in Herefordshire.  There may be other topics that may be of interest to you? Data Orchard aims to run another ‘Quality of Life’ survey in 2017 [...]

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