Project Description

The project was to produce sports activity profiles for all districts and local authorities in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, to inform strategies and plans for the organisations within the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Sports Partnership, to inform strategies and plans for the organisations within the Sports Partnership. The aim was to produce easy to read, informative reports for busy decision-makers, whether they are volunteers running a sports club or the chief executive of a local authority so they could contribute to improving physical activity.  The profiles were produced by analysing a range of data from Sport England, Public Health England and the Office for National Statistics. They included a summary of key findings and narrative interpretation of the analysis (charts, maps and tables) – making sense of the complex and varied datasets involved. The profiles included how to target and market improved physical activity to particular groups of the population to change people’s behaviour.

“In March 2015 we commissioned Data Orchard to provide local insight into the sport and physical activity landscape across our area. This was to be used to influence, guide and inform discussions to establish a clear strategy, aid planning and to target resources appropriately. The information supplied looked broader than sport and utilised a variety of data to establish the current participation rates taking into account demographics and geography and health and well being data. It has aided the establishment and building of strategic relationship as we are speaking from well researched and factual position. Action plans are being developed as a consequence which will include marketing and promotion of not just the activity itself but also the wider benefits.”
Stephen Brewster, Director, Herefordshire and Worcestershire Sports Partnership