This week just over 4,000 households in Herefordshire will receive a ‘quality of life’ survey in the post, helping local voluntary and community organisations improve the support and services they provide.

Households have been selected at random and asked their views on a range of things like access to services, what people do in their free time (volunteering, culture/leisure, outdoors), social contact, how safe people feel and work/life balance.

The survey is part of a project called ‘Better data, better lives’ and it’s unique as it has been entirely designed, managed and funded by the community and voluntary sector in Herefordshire. Data Orchard has led the collaborative project which has taken several years of planning and raising the funds…our thanks to the Big Lottery, E.F. Bulmer Benevolent Fund, the Great Places programme and Herefordshire Community Foundation.

The Quality of Life survey will provide robust new local data, so that hundreds of small voluntary and community organisations can target their services and resources to the people and places most in need. Headlines will be published on the Sustainable Route Map online. So if you get a survey, please fill it in as it will provide really key information to further improve the lives of people in Herefordshire.

Drop us a line: We’d love to tell you more, so feel free to get in touch for more details.