A Theory of Change is About Owning Your Story

“You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness” Brene Brown. We found this quote quite by chance from a new Data Orchard Twitter follower (thank you @feathertogether). It was the perfect encouragement at a point where The Cart Shed were reaching iteration fatigue [...]

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Neighbourhood planning: The snakes and ladders of NDPs

2013-2019: Looking back at six years of supporting NDPs Having been in the business of NDP consultancy for six years it seems like an appropriate time to take stock... What is an NDP anyway? Officially, NDP stands for Neighbourhood Development Plan. NDPs were borne out of the 2011 Localism Act, as an attempt to give [...]

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Emerging from the data quagmire

Data Orchard are supporting The Cart Shed on a 12 month journey to transform how the charity manages their data and impact. Quagmire definition: an awkward, complex, or hazardous situation. Photo credit: Following our initial work in quarter 1, we’ve immersed ourselves in the organisation’s measures, data and processes. It’s a quagmire… We’ve [...]

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Better Data, Better Lives?

How do you know where to target precious resources in a rural county? Is there a need for your services? Well there are some clues in the first 'headline' results from the 2018 Herefordshire's Quality of life survey. Managed and driven by local not-for-profit organisations, this is part of a collaborative 'Better Data, Better Lives' [...]

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Young people’s views on quality of life in Herefordshire

We're busy analysing the results of a Quality of Life survey posted out to a random sample of households in Herefordshire in the spring. To complement this, we have a shorter online survey aimed at people aged 25 years or younger, available here.  We need young people’s help to understand what life in Herefordshire is [...]

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Warm Welcomes and Fond Farewells

We’re very pleased to welcome an important new member of our team, Stephanie Harris. Steph joins us as our new Office Manager and Book Keeper. She brings a wealth of experience and skills, is fabulously efficient, so will be keeping us all on track! Meanwhile a fond farewell to student Katie Brown who worked with [...]

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Data Evolution Findings Published

We're very excited to publish the findings from our Data Evolution research! This explored how charities and social enterprises are changing and beginning to harness the power of data to make it work for their causes.  A key output of the project was our Data Maturity Framework which can be downloaded along with the report [...]

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Quality life in Herefordshire?

Access to services and advice, culture and leisure, unpaid care, loneliness and social contact, volunteering, and satisfaction with quality of life, have all been identified as current data ‘gaps’ in Herefordshire.  There may be other topics that may be of interest to you? Data Orchard aims to run another ‘Quality of Life’ survey in 2017 [...]

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The Power Of Data

Imagine a world where your 'belief and passion' is backed up by ‘powerful evidence’ which is ‘beautifully communicated’. Find out about recent advances unlocking the power of data for social good. Leaders from charities and social enterprises are warmly invited to join us for this lunchtime seminar on 10th February in Hereford find details and [...]

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Crunching data on business, fast broadband and economic growth

We have recently completed some detailed data analysis for a European project on rural economic development, faster broadband and advanced ICT. The CREATE project (Connecting Rural Enterprise for A Transnational Economy) hired Data Orchard to gather, collate, and make sense of a range of data sets. These included data from face to face interviews, local [...]

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