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Blue leaf symbol25pxAbout us

Data Orchard is a unique research company. Our work combines specialist skills in research, statistics and data with shared passions around making the world a better place socially, economically and environmentally.

Our team brings extensive experience from across the public, private, and voluntary sectors. This means we can respond flexibly to the needs of our clients and bring added value to projects.

Our vision is of a world enriched and empowered through data.

To achieve our vision we’re making it our mission to enable organisations to use data for better decisions and a positive future.

The four key things we do are:

  1. Gather, explore, and make sense of data. We design and deliver new research; analyse clients’ existing data; and use open and public data to reveal insights into trends, patterns and opportunities.
  2. Develop skills in ‘doing data well’. We provide advice and training to ensure quality and integrity in the collection, protection, management and interpretation of data. Our clients learn to develop their own skills and systems to produce robust data and meaningful analysis.
  3. Build knowledge and learning about data. We discover sources of data and explore tools for gathering and analyzing data in new ways. We research and share how organisations and communities use data and seek to collaborate and build networks with others.
  4. Promote the importance and value of data. Through public speaking, networking, social media, and events; we promote the principle of evidence based decision-making.

Red leaf symbol Data OrchardOur values

Data Orchard is a social enterprise and is legally registered as a ‘Community Interest Company’. This means we are ‘values driven’ and use our profits and assets for public good.

  • Honesty: We believe in being truthful and fair. We can be trusted to provide integrity and objectivity. We take responsibility and keep our promises.
  • Quality: We bring together highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced people. We apply high standards of professionalism in our methodologies and approach. This ensures our work meets legal and ethical standards and is quality assured.
  • Collaboration: Teamwork, trust, co-operation, listening and communication are key to the way we work: with each other, with clients and with other partners.
  • Respect: We show mutual respect and consideration for one another. We believe everyone has the right to have a voice. We work to ensure people’s diverse backgrounds, ideas and opinions can be heard.
  • Openness: We believe that by being open and transparent we create a culture of trust and shared learning. We challenge ourselves and are open to being challenged by others. We are inquisitive and receptive to discussion, new ideas and ways of doing things.